„It came to that the FIRST time you had sentenced to death an innocent man…“ or Will we suffer the same ?


Last months it seems to me that panic of Putin and his disinformation campaign, of Trump’s victory in US elections and of the fact that Putin helped him to do so has been suddenly spreading throughout the internet. On one side it is good but on the other it is also very sad in some special way.

We, the West’s citizens, do behave very hypocritically. We’ve been still talking about how it is critically important to protect our values but in the moment when Russia attacked Ukraine and annexed Crimea peninsula, so in the FIRST (or second ???) moment when the rule that no one can change european countries‘ borders by using military forces become no more relevant, what did we do in that moment ? We took sanctions thinking that was enough and everything was over. How stupid and hypocritical. Putin had started killing thousands of people in Europe and our reaction ? Taking sanctions. But if a lorry driver kills 14 people in Berlin, we behave like a nuclear bomb would has been launched there. Are we ok ? Is there someone thinking that reactions on both events are adequate one to each other ? I don’t think so. If we haven’t this terrible experience of Hitler for which, by the way, we paradoxically owe German very much then this behaviour would may be acceptable. But we do have it and we do not act according to this. It is unbeliveably unbeliveable.

Every dictator does want much more in each second of his governance than he did the second ago. And taste is growing up along with power. In 2008 Russia attacked Georgia. This was the FIRST time…the FIRST time when Putin said loudly that he wanted more. World ? Didn’t care. The World’s reaction was just that one Putin expected. He knew very well the West is too lazy and indolent to defense one little state that no one was interested in.  That’s why Putin started regular war against the West and attacked Ukraine. World ? Took sanctions. Everything was done. Just one Albert Einstein’s quotation occurs to my mind when thinking about stupidity of people who think there will be ever exist some dictator who will not want more if he can

Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.

Every dictator will always want to overrule the world and number of his victims increases by exponential rate until he is stopped by strong reaction.

Everybody should understand when Russia attacked Ukraine. But they did not. On the other hand for me this is something I could not understand. And, by the way, I strongly refuse to make any difference between Crimea peninsula and the rest of occupied part of Ukraine. Crimea belongs to Ukraine as same as Donbas and Luhansk do. Is the West really too much stupid that people there take the referendum as legal ? Since if so then it does mean that there are very stupid people in governments of all western states. And if so then God bless us. And I’m atheist. There is only one thing we can say – Russia attacked Ukraine and the World took it as a fact. I’m Czech citizen, this means I’m from country having many bad historical experiences – Hitler’s Munich treaty in 1938 and Soviet occupation in 1968. By the way occupation by that Soviet Union that was predecessor of current Russian Federation and in which secret intelligent service V.Putin worked as an employee. And from 2014 I – and many others – have been compelled to be a witnesses of how Western politicians have been ignoring all these facts.

The fact the only real effort to stop Russian aggression against the West are so called Minsk treaties looks tragicomically, sarcastically, even offensively then. The negotiations about the country (Ukraine) were also hold in a city which name starts with „M“, also 4 countries were participating and the final decision was also made without real influence of that country. The only difference between the Minsk treaties (2014) and Munich treaty (1938) was that Ukraine was invited to take part in these negotiations while Czechoslovakia in 1938 wasn’t. But Putin got Donbas, Luhansk and Crimea in Minsk as same as Hitler got Sudetenland in Munich.

If we, the West, mean seriously our declarations about values that our society has been standing on  then we must not differentiate between „our“ dead people and those dead in Ukraine, Syria and elswhere else. There exists one smart Jewish proverb in Talmud

Saving a person is like saving the World

We, the West must not accept any dictatorship because the FIRST time we will do it, we will commit suicide. As in the same way as we had done it one short moment before the WW II began. This time the World thought Sudetenland would be enough and the World was certainly wrong. Neither Luhansk nor Donbas or Crimea is enough. Nothing is enough.

If we, the West, do not really protect our values, we will lose them either after Putin’s defeat and there will appear new „putins“ within the West itself. Or has it just been happening ? Farage, Trump, Le Pen, Wilders, Babiš, Zeman, Klaus, Hofer, Kaczynski, Orbán, Erdogan… And no sanctions will help us after that. Appeasement policy is nothing but commiting suicide and as Czech president Havel said

No evil could be removed by eliminating its symptoms. Its cause must be removed.

We, the West, must protect and demand our values, this means freedom, democracy and respect for human rights, strongly, uncompromisingly and without any exception. As same in Russia and China as in Poland, Hungary or Turkey. In the FIRST time we will not do it these values will change from reality to ordinary words.

In 1961 a US movie Judgment at Nüremberg awarded by two Oscar prizes was made with Spencer Tracy taking the leading role. Film is absolutely fantastic from the beginning to the end although it is 3 hours long. Below there is a link to the end of the film (last 4:27) with two excellent dialogues which, in its deepness and truthfulness, go behind all of our lives. They say it all. To be able to appreciate the quality of the movie, you should see it from the beginning. The best is the  very last sentence of all the movie. It describes Nazism but also our present indifference and apathy. Will we suffer the same ?


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